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The Pars Woldwide Group is a group of companies Pars Europe Ltd. in London, Pars Ukraine Ltd. in Kiev, Pars Ltd in Moscow and the Pars Textile factory in İstanbul all of whom offer commercial cooperation to manufacturers of underwear.



Our purpose is to make excellent and different qualities of product, always be open to new ideas and constantly improve our manufacturing process.
This purpose has led us over the last 20 years. We began with our head office Pars Europe Ltd. in London and present we have opened representative offices of the Pars Group in Kiev and Moscow. 



Our distribution network spans Canada through the USA to UK and Central Europe further stretching through the Baltic region up to Ukraine and Russia.
The Pars Worldwide Group offers a full assortment of materials for tailoring underwear.



We are a competitive supplier producing for manufacturers of well known and trademark lingerie and continually expand our assortment of products and improve our standards of quality.
We are able through our large professional factory capacity to satisfy the most demanding enquiries.

pars worldwide
bra cups

pars wıde

Bra Cups which are mainly used in underwear, swimwear and outwear are made of polyurethane or polyester foam. We also make bra cups from EVA mesh and special polyethilene foam. The foams will be laminated with polyester or cotton fabric then we manufacture different models, styles and sizes with these materials depending on the need of our customers.

hook  &eye

PASTENERS and tapes

Parteks offers a variety of Hook & Eye Fasteners and Tapes with hidden and regular stitches. Rows can change from 1 through 4 with different hook or eye distances. H&E are made of %100 nylon and nylon brushed fabrics. Parteks also offers fabric dyed and post-dyed H&E fasteners. Both ultrasonic and cold cut side finishing are possible. Continuous tape option is also available.

Narrow knitted elastics

pars wıde

We know how to make your hands and nails perfect! Our experts use the best materials, and do their job with attention to every little detail! Your manicure will always be stunning!

pars wide accessory collection
pars worldwide

Wowen elastics

Woven elastic is identified by the crosswise and parallel ribs creating a window-pane effect. The most important property is, not narrowing on being stretched and can easily be stitched through. Parteks offers woven elastics in a large variety of widths & styles and they are all made of polyamide 6 yarns along with high quality spandex.

pars worldwide

Bra Wire Casings are produced from narrow woven and nylon brushed fabrics. As an advantage of our unique design narrow woven bra casings. With our high-end machines we meet our customers demands by providing single or double line stitches for nylon brushed wire casings in various colors.

Bra Wire Casing

other product lines of pars
Jacquard Mattress Ticking Fabric & Mattress Tape
Jacquard Mattress Ticking Fabric is produced by using polyester yarn for the warp and by using our polyropylene yarn for the weft. We normally use 300 dernier and 600 dernier yarn in our mattress fabrics.
Polyproylene Yarn
High quality intermingled (up to 1400 deniers) and flat (150 to 400 deniers) CF polypropylene yarns are produced in Parteks. Limitless color production gives excellent choices to many different applications. Indeed one of our main customers is actually our own Mattress Ticking Department, which shows our company's vision on integrated production. Also, our PP yarn could be produced UV resistant, fire retardant or anti-bacterial. Our machines are capable of making POY, FDY and high tenacity yarns. In addition on to these technical specifications, bright and half dull production can be done upon request.
awesome service
Liza is my hairdresser she has been styling my hair for six years now. She is an excellent hairdresser very professional, trustworthy and reliable and always gives you the end result you want. Liza also cuts my daughters hair and my older family members hair too, this is where Liza is an adaptable hairdresser to people of all ages. Liza did my hair on my wedding day which took hours to do, but the end result was amazing.
— amanda smith
May 2, 2018
awesome service
Michelle is my go-to person for hair and I always feel good when I walk in the salon. Michelle is very gifted with hair and knowing how to blend color and create something out of nothing in a great style and look when you walk out. I always leave my hair up to her and she does an excellent first rate job. It is worth time to have the overall experience of being greeted with great customer service and then having talented stylists.
— amanda smith
May 2, 2018
awesome service
Joyce always provides excellent Service for me. Maria handles washing my head while Joyce handles styling and other tasks. I think they work great together and provide great service! I would recommend them highly. They are very personable people, pleasant to deal with and talk to, very accommodating, and fully understand my needs and wants. Atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed. Salon is clean and appointments are on time.
— amanda smith
May 2, 2018
pars worldwide

International group_

Each year the potential of the textile industry is growing and expending rapidly. Today, the textile industry is much betten than what it was five years ago. Especially the lingerie production is developing very fast due to the fact that the needs in underwear accessory products is growing as well. The quality of Pars Worldwide Group’s products matches the world standards and attracts many Worldwide producers.

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